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Meet Perez Hilton!

After gaining 43lbs during quarantine, Perez found eTONE Fitness and is now slimming his way back to his fittest self ever!

America’s first influencer, Perez Hilton, partners with eTONE Fitness to share weight-loss success with fans

Today, America’s favorite entertainment influencer, dad, and newly-addicted fitness advocate Perez Hilton is opening up to his 11 million fans around the world about how he is losing weight and finding his fitness during quarantine. 


In July, Hilton, a father of 3 and caretaker to his mother, found himself 43lbs heavier than his pre-pandemic weight. When Hilton posted about feeling lethargic and ultimately unhappy, a friend introduced Hilton to eTONE Fitness to help him find motivation and commit to a daily livestreamed workout with the instructor of his choice. With classes just 45 minutes start to finish and no equipment needed, Hilton finally found a workout option he could enjoy even with his busy lifestyle.


eTONE Fitness, founded by certified personal trainer Erin Beck, is a premier online group fitness platform delivering livestream workouts individually coached by elite fitness professionals. Following the surge of COVID-19 shutdowns, Beck wanted to make safe and motivating workouts available to everyone, while providing an income opportunity to thousands of furloughed trainers. Hilton saw eTONE as more motivational than the other programs he reviewed. 


“I really needed the personal touch that eTONE Fitness provides. Booking a class and having live, two-way, interaction with an instructor made me feel connected to everyone and motivated me to show up and do my best," he says. " I am so passionate about eTONE Fitness and the benefits I have seen from joining this community that partnering with Erin and the team was a high priority for me. I want my followers to experience the same motivation that I get to on a daily basis.” Now, Hilton’s fans will be able to take class with him every day, with the same individualized accountability and coaching he receives.


eTONE takes pride in their ability to connect with and motivate members. “We are thrilled to partner with Perez and to bring our workouts to the millions of people around the world who follow him,” says Erin Beck, Founder of eTONE Fitness. “There is an incredible amount of fitness content available online but watching Instagram videos doesn’t burn calories. eTONE’s 53 classes per week combined with our personal coaching holds you accountable to your goals. We promise you a sweaty, safe, and equipment-free workout without the struggle of designing your own program.” 


The new partnership is being driven by Hilton’s brand manager and agent, Evan Morgenstein, who has 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. The eTONE business model coupled with Perez Hilton’s massive audience has the potential to generate subscriptions, new revenue, and branded products while growing the fitness company exponentially in the next 24 months.


On Thursday, September 17th, Hilton will unveil his quarantine weight loss totals and his vision for the next steps in his fitness journey with eTONE. 



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