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Resolution Challenge!

The eTONE Fitness

Week by week, we set clear & simple goals,

then track our progress with the eTONE Resolution Sheets!


  • 5 Weeks, 35 days 

  • March 15-April 30

  • FREE to join!

  • Discounts on Nutrition Counseling, products, and more!

  • Accountability and motivation

Sign Up Here!

The Challenge

  • The Challenge: Complete Part I or Part II for 10 Raffle Ticket entries.

  • Complete both Parts, and receive 20 Raffle Ticket entries, PLUS a refund of your Buy-In!


  • Complete 21 eTONE Live Online Classes between Jan. 25 – Feb. 28

Part II:

  • Complete your online '21 Resolution Sheet! We'll email you the link for your personal sheet on Friday 1.22. You just fill it out online and hit submit!

  • Included: Before/After Measurements & Photos, 1 Fitness Goal, 1 Personal Goal, sleep/eat/drink motivation, plus bring-a-friend and post on Instagram bonuses

  • You'll have one sheet for the start, and one sheet for your finish. Complete them online to earn 20 Raffle tickets PLUS your Buy-In will be refunded!


Over $500 in Cash and Prizes!

  • 2 Months Limitless Membership

  • 1 Month Limitless Membership

  • Nike SuperRep Go Training Shoes

  • LiquidIV

  • $50 Cash

  • eTONE On Demand Membership


  • I'm not a member! Can I still join? 

    • Yes, but if you'd like to join or upgrade (our recommendation!), click here for membership options,​ or email us at

  • I'm late! Can I still sign up?

    • Absolutely!

  • Where do I get my '21 Resolution Sheet?

    • We'll email it to you on Friday 1.22. After that, you'll always have access to your answers via your personal link!​

  • You'll have my photos and measurements?!​

    • Yes, but we'll NEVER use them without your consent. It's for accountability and to see your progress!

  • How much is it? ​

    • $10 to participate in the Challenge, but you can earn your Buy-In back if you complete both parts!​

  • Can my friend join in?​​​​

    • 100%! Plus, we'll give your friend free entry into the Challenge when they sign up for a membership, and YOU'LL earn a $50 referral credit -- WIN WIN!

  • More questions?​

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